Voor goed spel maken wij gebruik van goed spul



Gretsch Catalina Club Rock Ebony Gloss: 24" bassdrum, 13" racktom, 16" and 18" floortoms.
Noble & Cooley alloy classic snare, Paiste 2002 up to 24", Remo, Vic Firth.



Gibson SG Standard 1968 Heritage Cherry Red with Maestro Lyre Vibrola & original Pat.App. for Humbucking pick-ups.
Doodad SG Cherry Red (with Gibson's Angus Young Signature Humbucker at the bridge position).
Gibson ES 175D 1976 Vintage Sunburst, all original.

Marshall JMP mk2 2104 Lead 50 Watt Combo with 2 x 12" celestion black backs, 1980.



Gretsch with TV jones pick-ups (power and super tron).
Fender telecaster with SCN pick-ups.

Stamp Amps (Trainwreck, 2x10" cabinet vintage celestion).
Dr. Z Route 66, Thiele cabinet 1 x 12".



Ibanez soundgear 1000, EMG pick ups, Yamaha.

Ashdown Combo MAG250.



Shure mikes SM58, SM 58 beta, plopkap.